The collar of my shirt is damp from these tears of joy streaming down my face. This is me right now. There is a new Crying song out, and it’s the freakin’ weekend, and I have no obligations for the next couple days other than kickin’ it with my boo, and real talk, I can’t tell you how much I needed all of this at this point in my life right now. Everything is coming up Eric.

I have a handsome cat named Hemingway on my lap as I’m typing this. I am petting him and telling him that Crying is preparing to put out a double LP — featuring seven remastered tracks from last year’s Get Olde along with six new songs — on November 18. I mentioned to him that there will be a physical release on Vinyl and CD, up for preorder here. He’s purring.

In a minute, I will pick up Hemingway and excite him with tales of Crying’s tour around the country over the next couple of months. He’ll ask, “But how come they’re not playing anywhere near us in Cincinnati?” I’ll say, “Silly cat, that doesn’t even matter. They’ll make it here one day.” And I’ll spin Hemingway around while I’m cradling him, which he never likes, but he will make an exception this time because he knows we are having a special moment.


E-Dog, you are INSANE. Can’t wait for you to hear the one that you were talking about a while ago.